What happened after forty days of dating

In July , two young New York designers published their romantic experiment online. As designers, they documented the entire process.

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How does play inform what you do professionally? The heart of much of what we do as creatives is discovery through experimentation. Often the best ideas come out of spontaneous play. I think play is a mindset, where I allow myself the space and time to experiment and take risks without being afraid of failure. Was that what 40 Days of Dating was about? It is not unusual for creative people to bring their lives into their work. Songwriters, film makers, journalists and artists have been doing that regularly for a very long time.

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Designers have the skills and tools to communicate with a wide audience. I personally am most attracted to work that has a personal angle, and clearly comes from someones heart. To me content creation and expression through design is just as if not more important to me than designing other people's content. I want to continue to spend more time on more personal work like this. The project had some interesting professional and personal overlap — was that a comfortable space for you?

40 days of dating what happened after

Not at first, to be honest. We were very nervous about releasing the blog as it has many intimate details about our emotions, our dating history, and even our sex lives. While many of us try to distinguish ourselves as individuals, our emotions are largely universal, across all ages and cultures.

By opening up about them and being honest, people were able to relate to us. Since the launch we've had thousands of people write us about how our story touched them, made them laugh, made them cry, and in some cases even helped change their life. They returned to New York together, agreed to stay close friends and bid each other farewell. But Tim totally slipped a little cliffhanger into his very last paragraph, confessing that he "knows now" he is in love with Jessica:.

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  4. I feel so close to her. I gave her a gift. We kissed one more time. I shut the cab door, and I walked away," he wrote.

    Is there still hope for these two or will they really remain just friends? Will there be another 40 days some day?


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    Forty days of dating what happened

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